What types of cases can be mediated?

Most civil and criminal cases (prior complaint or civil side) can be mediated, including those disputes involving family, commercial, community, labour or consumer-economic operator relations. Law no. 192/2006 on mediation and the organisation of the mediator profession sets out the legal framework of the cases that can be solved by mediation.

How much s mediation?

Can the lawyer come with me to mediation?

When can one turn to mediation?

Why mediation?

What are the advantages of mediation?

Does one need legal studies in order to attend the training courses in the field of mediation?

What are the requirements for becoming a certified mediator?

Where can I get cases for mediation from after I get the certification?

Is the attendance mandatory in these courses?

Who can perform mediation? Are there also incompatibilities?

What methods of learning are used during the mediation course?

How could an individual be motivated to choose the mediators training course?

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