Why should you choose the Mediation Council of Craiova?


The first case was referred by the Tribunal of Dolj on 5.11.2003. By the date of publishing the law 192/2006 in the Official Gazette, a total of 646 cases have been recorded at the Mediation Centre of Craiova, with a monthly average of 20 cases.
The Mediation Centre of Craiova was invested to solve these cases by way of mediation, either by reference of the legal courts, or directly by the individuals involved in various conflicts. The changes in the field of ADR, which occurred in Romania and still occur, are both essential and important. For the first time in many years, there seems to exist a possibility in Craiova to involve the society in the legal system. By reinforcing the trust in the legal system, mediation generates an efficient means to stipulate the dynamics of the system and reinvigorate people’s capacity to assume their responsibility in terms of the result of the conflicts they have.

The types of cases sent to the Mediation Centre of Craiova are:

  • Civil: Requests, claims, decisions of councils, the obligation to do, etc.
  • Domestic relations: Divorce, division actions, child custody, etc.
  • Commercial: Payment summons, etc.
  • Labour: pecuniary rights, etc.

The Mediation Centre of Craiova has tried and succeeded to promote the mediation procedure. This may be proved by the fact that at the end of each mediation, the parties have answered the questions of the Questionnaire on the assessment of the mediation session, and the centralised answers were very good. Thus, many of them were satisfied and very satisfied regarding the neutrality, result and mediation session.


As any other profession, mediation must expand, transform and adapt as time and society progress. Training new mediators in Romania helps you preserve and strengthen the democratic values. Moreover, the experience of the Mediation Centre of Craiova shows us that mediation can work and it actually works. Moreover, it may be that mediation is the most democratic process we have at our disposal.

As of 14 February 2005, until 17 November 2006, The Mediation Centre of Craiova, with the support of the US Embassy in Bucharest, Ministry of Justice  and Dolj Bar has organised professional mediators’ training courses for 400 lawyers from all counties.

The course, conducted in modules of 2 weeks, respectively 80 hours for each participant, was performed by Romanian trainers (Anca Albici, Mariana Belbiţă, Dănuţ Cega, Ilie Diaconu, Adi Gavrilă, Mihai Ghervase, Mihai Icu, Claudiu Ignat, Mihai Lungoci, Sever Lungu, Bogdan Matei, Mugur Mitroi, Elena Adina Nica, Mihail Neagoe, Marin Pădeanu, Horaţiu Petria-Mitran, Dan Sfîrnă, Luminiţa Trifan) in collaboration with trainers from the United States of America (David Michael, Susan Green, Melissa Rhea, Harlow Case, Linda Lazarus, Scott Adams, Andrew Hall, Eileen Barkas-Hoffman, Kathleen Patterson, Charles Bathel, Chris McMurray).

The participants who have already done the training have provided positive freed-back about the training program and the American and Romanian trainers. Romanian lawyers, as well as individuals of other professions in Romania have requested training in the field of mediation after September 2005.

The projects of the Mediation Centre of Craiova may also increase the private interest regarding the mediation, convincing the lawyers and their clients to move increasingly more towards private mediators, as a solution to solve disputes, showing a preference for mediation over the traditional adversarial process. A reflection of this preference is the Union of Mediation Centres of Romania, which was opened recently and is a source recognised at national level by professionals in the field of resolution of disputes.

The democratic values that can be reinforced through this project include at the social level of processes, the human tendency to avoid the risk, a cultural desire to save precious time and money and an appreciation for visual, direct and immediate, conversational contact provided by mediation

Thus, by means of the courses conducted by the Mediation Centre of Craiova, consultancy was provided to all county mediation centres, in order to create them, so that in 2005, The Association of the Mediation Centre of Craiova became a founding member within the national federation – The Union of Mediation Centres of Romania, together with the mediation centres in the counties of Valcea, Dambovita, Arges and Sibiu. Subsequently, 17 mediation centres similarly founded were affiliated to the Union of Mediation Centres of Romania. On the date of publishing law no. 192/2006 in the Official Gazette of Romania, the Union of the Mediation Centres of Romania totalled 22 member-mediation centres, and following the Congress of the Union of Mediation Centres of Romania, which took place in March 2007, other 17 associations affiliated thereto, so that the Union currently consists of 39 member-associations. However, the Mediation Centre of Craiova has provided consultancy to the Directorate for Dialogue, Family and Social Solidarity of Dolj (Direcţia pentru Dialog, Familie şi Solidaritate Socială), in order to solve, by mediation, the domestic violence cases in Dolj County. The Mediation Centre of Craiova has provided consultancy to Casa Corpului Didactic Dolj, in order to prevent the conflicts in schools and solve them when they occur, by mediation and based on the principles it promotes.

Association Craiova Mediation Center is personal data operator with registration number27278/2013
Association Craiova Mediation Center was recognized as being of public utility by the Government Decision no.103/18.02.2009