Consultancy can be a solution ...

The conflict can be costly for your organisation. Creating an efficient conflict management system improves the performance of your organisation and needs to be an integral part of the strategy to prevent the conflict escalation. The experience of the Mediation Centre of Craiova in developing the conflict management system guarantees you the expertise, support and coordination necessary as you develop and integrate the conflict management systems into your own organisation.

Low productivity, lack of motivation, migration of skilled personnel, the processes, dissatisfied employees and internal or external complaints are the indicators of high costs caused by the conflicts existing at work. Recent studies have shown that the employees of an organisation averagely lose 60 days of the productivity for each year only because of conflicts or disagreements between colleagues. The occurrence and persistence of conflicts in the workplace can have a negative impact on the entire organisation.

Establishing a conflict management system enables the employees to manage their conflicts constructively and determines the significant decrease of low productivity, stress and processes arising at the workplace. Developing the conflict management systems involves:

a. Analysing the conflict management capability

b. Designing the conflict management systems

c. Selecting and training the personnel

d. Implementing the procedures

e. Assessing the performances

f. Consultancy in order to develop the conflict management systems implemented

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