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Online Voting is Open to All Until July 31

Over 2,000 people from more than 23 countries have voted so far on the obstacles and possible improvements to access to justice. Your opinion on the current state and future of commercial dispute resolution is important to us as well.

We have now opened voting in the GPC Series to everyone online until July 31st, to enable anyone who was unable to attend one of our events to still be part of this pioneering global project and to have their voices heard.

To vote, please click here.

We are collecting votes on the following 4 main topics (20 short multiple choice questions in total):

  1. Access to Justice & Dispute Resolution Systems: What do Parties/Users Need & Expect?
  2. How is the Market Currently Addressing These Party/User Needs and Expectations?
  3. How can Dispute Resolution be Improved? (Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges)
  4. Promoting Better Access to Justice: What Action Items Should be Considered and by Whom?

Voting online:
- Importantly, you must click "submit" on each question for your answer to be recorded.
- To return to previous questions or to navigate between questions, use the arrow keys.
- It is best to complete the voting in one session. If you close the browser and return to the start at a later time, all questions that you already answered will inform you that "you have already answered this question", and you will need to use the arrow keys to navigate forward.
- Please allow approximately 20 minutes to complete this questionnaire.

Add your voice to the >2,000 stakeholders who have already contributed to the future!

Click here to Vote!



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