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We have formed since 2002 a number of 5965 mediators within 421 courses (see here the list of completed courses )

The training courses for the mediators, organised by the Association of the Mediation Centre of Craiova are recommended by our experience:

  • 2002 – the year since we gain experience day by day
  • 12 experienced trainers
  • More than 3000 trained mediators, of which 440 within the national programme for 2004 - 2007
  • Thousands of magistrates and lawyers informed of the advantages of mediation
  • Hundreds of conferences organised throughout the country and abroad
  • Our partners are recognised worldwide
  • Our founding parents are the US Embassy, Ministry of Justice, Dolj Bar and Courts of Craiova.

The Mediation Centre of Craiova is authorised based on the authorisation decision no. 85/04.11.2007 of the Mediation Council, under the Law no.192/2006, art.20, art.9 . The courses organised by the Mediation Centre of Craiova followed the same procedure, being subject to the approval of the Mediation Council. The Mediation Centre of Craiova has organised training courses for mediators as far back as the period when the Pilot Mediation Centre was founded by the Ministry of Justice through the Order 1391/C/2003 and funded by the Embassy of the United States of America. The collaboration with the American, Austrian, English and French mediators and trainers who have wide experience in the field of mediation has led in itself the international recognition of trainers, courses and of the Mediation Centre of Craiova, as training provider.

Association Craiova Mediation Center is personal data operator with registration number27278/2013
Association Craiova Mediation Center was recognized as being of public utility by the Government Decision no.103/18.02.2009